Get More Out of Life, the Southerner's Way

We're dang proud of our southern hospitality - we work hard to deliver the best food and the best service every single day. In doing so, we've found some guiding principles to help us to meet our own expectations. Some of them are directly related to our day-to-day work at Hugh's, but most are just simple ideas to live a good life. We call these Hughisims. 

In the words of Hugh:

  • Don't go to bed too early. 
  • Don't get up too late. 
  • Don't skip Breakfast.
  • Shower everyday.... I know I know, but still needs to be said. 
  • Always work hard. Always. 
  • Read a bunch of books. 
  • Don't be an idiot - eat the dessert. 
  • Save 20 cents of every dollar you make. 
  • Don't take the elevator - take the stairs. 
  • Give your seat up for a lady. 
  • Give to those who need it without judgment. 
  • Cook something once a week. 
  • Always be on time. Always. 
  • Grow a garden, and share it with your neighbors. 
  • Love folks that aren't like you - theres nothing to be scared of. 
  • Listen to a baseball game on the radio once a year. 
  • Show some respect and pull your car over during a funeral procession. 
  • Always tell the truth. Always. 
  • Talk to the good Lord every single day - keep the booger man away. 

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