WaPo Chats Plant-Based Burgers


Believe it or not, your ole pal Hugh has found himself on the cutting veg of plant-based cookin’.

Hugh… speak English. What?

What we’re tryin’ to say is we’ve got us one heckuva veggie burger and we were excited to talk about it to the Washington Post. Sure, we love a good hog or some double-pattied beef, but we’ve got lots of environmentally-minded friends, and they prefer to keep their burgers of the garden variety.

Check out what Hugh-Baby’s founder Pat Martin had to say about our favorite vegetarian-friendly menu item.

“As much as I love meat, I personally love veggie burgers,” Martin says. “It’s hard to find a really good one, so I wanted to make one that I loved. As a society, we’re moving more towards plant-based eating, so it was important for me to have a veggie option on the menu.”

We’ve got it all, folks. Slugburgers, nationally recognized veggie burgers, and your old-fashioned tried-and-true beef burgers. Come on in and try one today!