The Tennessean names our chicken sandwich one of the best in Nashville!

Chicken Sandwich

In a town crowded with chicken (both the regular kind of clucker and the hot stuff that’s too spicy for ole Hugh), it’s nice to get a shout out for the hard work we put into our sandwiches. Our buddies at The Tennessean were kind enough to try out our tasty bird and include it among their 5 Fried Chicken Sandwiches to Try in Nashville (if you don't like it hot) list:

"You know about the burger game at Hugh-Baby’s. You may even know about the dogs. And if you haven’t tried their strawberry shake yet, GET IN YOUR CAR RIGHT NOW and go get one. I’ll wait. But also — the fried chicken sandwich is strong with this one. This is a place that Just. Gets it. Please don’t let this sandwich (and that shake) pass you by. Life is too short. " 

Hey, they’re right—life is too short. What’re you doin’ reading this? Hurry over here to get ya a sandwich and a shake!


Or if you’re old school, check us out in print too!

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