The Tennessean Check Out Our Patio

Double cheeseburger

Thanks to the folks over at the Tennessean for naming our patio one of the best new places to dine alfresco in Nashville! From The Tennessean:

We may not have a Shake Shack (yet). We may never have an In-N-Out Burger here, either. But by-cracky we have a Hugh-Baby’s. And yes, there’s outdoor seating, overlooking Charlotte Avenue and featuring a little retro play area for the kids, or the grown-ups who still act like kids. Which you will most assuredly do after one of their burgers, some of their fries and at least part of someone’s shake. Hugh-Baby's can hold its own any day against Shake Shack and is frankly what In-N-Out wishes it were. I’m not just saying this because I love all of Pat Martin’s restaurants (although I do). I’m just a truth-teller telling my truths.

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