Garden & Gun: Hugh-Baby's Ups the Ante on Fast Food

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Our good buddy John T. Edge with Garden & Gun magazine brought his family by Hugh-Baby's for some burgers and had some pretty nice things to say about us. Check out a selection from his slice-of-life piece below:

 "With Hugh-Baby's, Pat Martin showcases one way fast food might transcend its reputation as a lowest-common-denominator calorie-delivery vehicle. Slugburgers are signal to his promise. But I continue to fix on the crisp and caramelized beef burgers, blanketed in cheese, stacked with pickles and onions, swabbed with mustard. Just before joining my family out front on the playground, I stood inside to watch the kitchen crew work. As a line cook spatula-smashed a patty and dragged a slice of American across the griddle to soften, I glimpsed a future when fast food might also be good food." - John T. Edge, Garden & Gun


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