Hugh-Baby's is...


Burgers that have taken years to perfect. Pork that’s been smoked with time-honored Memphis BBQ traditions. Classic Mississippi Slug Burgers and hand-spun homemade shakes. Simply put: We put the time and effort into the preparation of our foods, not in ordering and eating them.



No-fuss Southern hospitality harkening back to the 60’s-70’s style of small-town Southern burger and BBQ shops. A time when the food was great, cooked fresh and always as you expected it to be. We're pretty sure that’s still appreciated today.



No freezers. No microwaves. Everything is made on-site, that day. All burgers are ground fresh, the fries start their day as fresh potatoes and the barbecue is smoked overnight. When it’s gone. It’ s gone. It’s our commitment to a quality experience that you deserve.